12 Beauty Organizers to Invest In This New Year Makeup Cleanse

Now that you’ve thrown away your broken palettes, expired foundations and over-used lipsticks, it’s time to ensure that what you’re left with doesn’t get destroyed in the New Year. Whether you’ve got just a handful of beauty products or enough to fill a walk-in closet, staying organized is imperative; also, it just feels good to declutter.

Beauty organizers are never in short supply and we’ve found the best ones for every type of makeup collection. From pretty palette holders to sticky wall pods and storage on wheels, these options ensure that you can make the most of your space and not spend a load of cash doing it.

1. JerryBox Rotating Makeup Organizer

If your makeup needs to sit in the middle of a dresser or vanity, this 360-degree rotating shelf will save you a lot of space and time.




2. Seville Classics 10-Drawer Organizer Cart

This massive storage unit is for a true-blue makeup junkie with more products than she can handle.

$39.88, at Walmart


3. Ikee Acrylic Jewelry & Cosmetic Storage Display Boxes

This unit breaks down into separate pieces, in case you want to store your makeup in more than one spot.

$18.99, at Amazon




4. byAlegory Acrylic Palette Organizer

Obsessed with Urban Decay Naked Palettes? This will keep your eyeshadow addiction is careful order.

$23.23, at Amazon


5. Soho Medium Train Case

As far as we’re concerned, train cases never went out of style and this one boasts all the space you need, whether you’re traveling or not.

$29.99, at Bed, Bath & Beyond


6. Ikea Kuggis Storage Boxes

A compact box for someone with a modest makeup collection.

$6.99, at Ikea


7. Soho Nail Stadium

Prevent polish spills by stacking your collection (up to 25) inside this acrylic storage set.

$25.99, at Target


8. Ikee Rotating Lipstick Holder

Hold up to 64 lipsticks and glosses inside this epic storage unit, made with shatter-resistant acrylic.


9. Package of 3 Magnapods

These stick-on storage space is perfect for keeping all your little items from getting lost behind the bathroom mirror.

$9.99, at The Container Store


10: Ikee Rotating Makeup Brush Organizer

Keep your brushes from getting covered in spilled makeup by placing them in this cute storage unit.

$28.99, at Wayfair


11: ORG Under the Sink Mesh Slide-Out Cabinet Drawer

If your makeup storage is limited to the bathroom, place your products in these mesh drawers, which you can place under the sink.

$14.99, at Bed, Bath & Beyond



12: Beautify Cosmetic Organizer

If you’re all about aesthetics, these classic black drawers may blend in nicely with your bedroom furniture.

$74.99, at Wayfair


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