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What Is WhatsApp Plus ?

Of course you heard about WhatsApp Plus , i will not prolong you explain, WhatsApp Plus is a modified version of WhatsApp have too many wonderful features, and non-existent in WhatsApp , many copies of WhatsApp Plus modified have emerged and many of them has stopped, but in our website “” , we gave you the official version of WhatsApp Plus, best a modified version of whatsapp safe and good and we updated it every week and we will talk about WhatsApp Plus features.

WhatsApp Plus Features

WhatsApp Plus Apk 2018 have video call feature and many privacy options available in the latest update for WhatsApp Plus for android, such as : increasing the number of letters in status, and the possibility to hide notifications, and the possibility to send larger video  size and audio file without worry, and send e-books .and You Can set password for chats and WhatsApp Plus
Many of WhatsApp users, after downloading WhatsApp Plus for android , find it better than any other application similar to it in his work, Because it provides many distinctive options such as hide last seen – hide online status when you use WhatsApp Plus, Your friends may be surprised when you talk with them and you are offline We have modified properties in the app and its settings, and add the additional features you are looking for,while maintaining the original appearance in WhatsAp.
WhatsApp Plus Change log
Version 6.40 – 01/01/2018
  • New Base Updated to 2.17.427 (PlayStore)
  • Added New Emojis
  • Exclusive DND Mode (Disable Internet only for WhatsApp) (Home Page – Header)
  • Added Option to Increase Video Limit in Status (Mod 5.6)
  • Exclusive Ability to identify Admin Msg in Group (Besides Number) 
  • Exclusive Option to Change Fab Size (Mod 2.7.7)
  • Exclusive Option to Change Fab Location/Position (Mod 2.7.8)
  • Enabled Change Number Notification
  • Enabled Clock Sticker
  • Enabled Group Info Settings (Will Work when Enabled from Server)
  • Added Option to Hide DND Mode Icon (mod 2.1.10)
  • Improved Dialer (Now you can Edit, Copy, Paste Numbers)
  • Added German Language Support
  • Fixed Navigation Bar Color when Select any chat/message
  • Fixed Mod 6.2 when Send/Receive More than 1 pic. 
  • Fixed Mod 6.11 for Android Oreo.
  • Fixed Play Videos in some devices
  • Fixed Crash when open Custom Privacy Chats
  • Other Fixes

After completion download WhatsApp Plus on your android phone, we will talk now about how to install a WhatsApp Plus on your phone without losing chats easily, we’ve added some screenshots in the explanation of the steps to make guide easier , we’ve added video in the last of explanation

How To Install WhatsApp Plus Without Losing Chats ?

Step 1 : Download WhatsApp Plus apk for samsung or any android smartphone or tablet from above or fromHERE
Step 2 : Now you must make a backup copy of your conversations so as not to lose it when you install WhatsApp Plus apk , Open Whatsapp from your Phone, Go to Settings — Chats — Backup
Click on back up chats and wait a little while, and let the backup complete.
Step 3 : now uninstall WhatsApp from your Android device , Go to Settings – Apps – Whatsapp – Uninstall.
Note : If you can not uninstall WhatsApp from your Android device you must Download other version from WhatsApp Plus [GBWhatsapp] from HERE
Step 4 :  Firstly click on settings and click on Settings — Security — Unknown Sources
Step 5 : Now, install WhatsApp Plus on your Android device, which you was downloaded from above, you can find it in download folder 
Step 6 : Open WhatsApp Plus click AGREE AND CONTINUE , If you see a message allow WhatsApp access click or continue allow for all message
Step 7 : Enter your mobile number and verify your number in WhatsApp Plus This step may take a few minutes, wait a little bit to deliver verification code to your phone
Step 8 : Press restore lastet backup, Wait a little to complete restore the backup
Step 9 : Enter your name and chose profile picture
We finished, enjoy with your new  experience with WhatsApp Plus

Some Faq About WhatsApp Plus Apk

So everyone here are some Important Faq about latest whatsapp plus version apk, Some of the questions that we received recently, so you have added here to make this easier guide.

Q1) Is My Phone Will be safe if I Use WhatsApp Plus apk?

A1) Yes, Don’t worry

Q2) Is It’s Better than official WhatsApp?

A2) Yes, WhatsApp Plus is better than any other version of WhatsApp

Q3) Is WhatsApp plus for iPhone available?

A3) No, Whatsapp Plus for iPhone devices is not available currently.

Q4) Can i use 2 WhatsApp Plus Application (Account) On Same Android Device ?

A4) Yes, You Can use 2 WhatsApp Plus Application (Account) On Same Android Device with GBWhatsApp

Q5) Can i use 3 WhatsApp Plus Application (Account) On Same Android Device ?

A5) Yes, You Can use 3 WhatsApp Plus Application (Account) On Same Android Device with OGWhatsApp

Q6) What is the different between GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus ?

A6) There is no difference between GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus

Q7) What is the different between OGWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus ?

A7) There is no difference between OGWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus

Q8) Do I need to Uninstall  official WhatsApp to use WhatsApp Plus ?

A8) Yes, you need uninstall normal WhatsApp first, then install this WhatsApp Plus app on your Phone, or you can use GBWhatsApp without uninstall official WhatsApp

Q9) Can i freeze my last seen on WhatsApp Plus ?

A9) Yes, You Can freeze your last seen on WhatsApp Plus

Q10) Can I set Password for WhatsApp Plus ?

A10) Yes, You Can set password for chats and WhatsApp Plus

Q11) Can my account be banned by WhatsApp when i use WhatsApp Plus ?

A11) No, WhatsApp Plus anti ban 

Q12)  I Can’t uninstall WhatsApp . I can only disable it (turn off) and i can’t install WhatsApp Plus

A12) Do not worry, You can install GBWhatsApp

If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask us, and we’ll be happy to answer you Contact us

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