10 Signs You Are In Healthy Relationships With Your Partner

Sometimes people get used to each other and simply forget how it is to be truly happy. Sometimes it’s even worth – they get used to be unhappy forgetting what it feels like to be in healthy relationships. Nevertheless, there are some certain signs that can help you understand whether you are on the right path with your partner or the time has come to change everything.

1. You put “we” before “me”

If whatever decision you are making, you first think of how the results will influence both of you and not just you individually, then this is a sign you are in healthy relationships. The willingness to put the relationship above one’s own desires is that valuable constituent that will help you achieve harmony in a married life.

2. You miss your partner when he/she is not around

“Out of sight – out of mind” – is not a good sign. On the contrary to that, if you miss your partner when they are not around, it’s a signal you really want to be with this person.

3. You Fight

It’s okay that people might not agree with each other sometimes. And it’s important that they express their disagreements to each other, trying to understand the partner and make their fights productive.

4. You trust each other

Healthy relationships don’t know what mistrust is. Sure, you want to feel relaxed with your partner and not worry of where he/she is now and what is he/she doing.

5. You spend time together, doing things you both enjoy

It’s good if you learn to like doing things he likes. It’s good if you learn to like doing things she likes. But it’s even better if you both find some other thing you both will start doing in your spare time, while enjoying it. It could be doing sports together or macramé. Anything will go well if you both like it.

6. You spend time apart, doing things you enjoy

It’s also important that you let each other ‘breathe’ while doing things you like doing separately. He might like playing video games and she might enjoy dancing. Each one of you should have your own space and time that you can spend only for dear you.

7. You each have your own friends and shared friends too

Each of you should have your own friends who you can talk to sharing your deepest feelings and shared friends with whom you can spend time together. If this part is missing, it’s a sign of concern.

8. You feel happy being you

It is important to maintain self-identity and to appreciate each other for this. This inspires both to self-improve and feel more valued and self-confident.

9. You share dreams for the future

Do you have any plans for the future? Are you dreaming together? Couples who share a vision for what their future entails are in a much better position than partners who don’t.

10. You are attracted to each other physically

Last but not least is the physical attraction. It must be so that at the sight if him/her you get that burning physical desire inside and it is definitely just another sign of your relationships being healthy.


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