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Your mum is starving to keep you in school. Your younger siblings eat twice a day. Your father works for his son’s mate. They suffer and bleed in their hearts. But they comfort themselves with the hope that you will come out of school and change the condition of things. Your father believes that one day, he will no longer be someone’s driver because you will get him a driver. Your mother believes that one day you will make her wear one wrapper just once because you will buy plenty. Your siblings are hoping to boast to friends about you one day. But you’re in school slaying!! You lie about the price of textbooks to them and use the surplus money to buy clothes and makeups. You jump from one party to another uninvited. You snap with undies(ladies ),with them guys drinking in the club(guys) and post for us to like. You’re slaying! Different boys drop and pick you with their cars. You’re a slay queen! and the bad guys borrow cars with there last dime just to get the slay queens. You miss lectures. You sleep with lecturers and course reps so that you would pass. You get pregnant and remove it. And you open your mouthto say you’re slaying! Hunger is killing you in your hostel yet you call yourself a queen. You boast of your family but hide to talk with your dad on phone. You’ve never invited your siblings to your hostel because the looks of hunger on their faces will tell the world where you come from. You borrow clothes and get insulted. You don’t care because the world thinks they are yours…. I don’t want to keep talking. You know all you’re doing that’s not good. Stop them. Don’t disappoint your parents. Prepare to change their lives for good. Wipe their tears away. Don’t let their suffering be in vain. Make them proud. Leave those boys and girls alone. Let those girls and boys laugh at you. Your parents are more important. Become someone in life, and I bet you, one day.. Just one day, all the slay Queens and guys will come to your company and submit employment letters Again my momma taught me right I was the one that went wrong and no one is perfect or a saint.We all have made mistakes but when done repeatedly is bad u know May God help us all never to be a disappointment to our families..AMEN!!!

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