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Proposing on Valentine’s day (For guys)

If you’re thinking of proposing on Valentine’s, this is for you For many, Valentine’s over-the-top romantic feel makes it perfect for proposals. Proposals are often about romance, sweet memories and promises filled with hope of lifetime commitments. And which day perfectly exemplifies this if not Valentine’s? So it feels just right, in the estimation of many guys, to get down ... Read More »


Married women help yourselves and your husbands. Sex to men is like food, so you must know how to spice the Meal. Learn how to initiate Sex. It’s not only for the bedroom NO! let’s Reason together… 1. When he wants to bath, follow him to the bathroom. Bathe him, wash his things, play with them. If you like oral ... Read More »

How to increase intimacy in a relationship without sex

Although sex is not overrated, it’s not the answer to everything. It’s certainly not the answer to a lack of intimacy in that your relationship. It’s true that sex helps reach some deep level of emotional connection, but in romantic relationships, it’s meant to build on the existence of things like trust, love, respect, communication, dependability and other nice traits people ... Read More »

10 Signs You Are In Healthy Relationships With Your Partner

Sometimes people get used to each other and simply forget how it is to be truly happy. Sometimes it’s even worth – they get used to be unhappy forgetting what it feels like to be in healthy relationships. Nevertheless, there are some certain signs that can help you understand whether you are on the right path with your partner or ... Read More »


  I believe in old-fashioned relationships. I believe that guys should take the initiative move and ask the girl out. I also believe in commitment and gender roles in the relationship; the men providing lead and protection while the women follow. Yeah I know generations have passed and things have changed since then and many would think that this idea ... Read More »