I am a perculiar and a spectacular being, the most precious, favoured and honoured of all God’s created species. I am the apple of His eyes, everyday of my life especially today, shall be days of advancement for me because it is my time and turn to be decorated, it is time to harvest all my years of past labour, this day my God shall release His abundant peace, joy, blessings, favour, glory, honour, wisdom, power, wealth and riches to decorate my life, business, marriage, finance, children, career, e.t.c. Yes, this is the day God has set aside to decorate me with unspeakable colours beyond the imaginations and expectations of my detractors. Just as my lord Jesus christ of Nazaret could not be found in the grave on the third day, so shall my enemies visit the former grave of pains, sicknesses, afflictions, stagnation, lack and want, rising and falling, dryness, poverty, emptiness, failures, defeats, suppression, curses, dejection, depression, humiliation, frustration, unfruitfulness, loneliness, mockery, adversities, shame and reproach cannot find me and my family there anymore. This day and this time, as a covenant child, I shall be divinely and fully connected to my life, business, career, and ministry partners and helpers speedily. All my adversaries, oppressors, antagonists and persecutors shall morn this day and this time because my God shall decorate me with increases roundabout and I shall rule in their midst. My God shall decorate me and my loved ones as never before with provision, protection, preservation and perfection in Jesus name.

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