Christian: WHO IS JESUS


  1. In astronomy: He is the bright morning star.
  2. In Botany: He is the rose of sharon.
  3. In Zoology: He is the lamb of God.
  4. In Geology: He is the rock of ages.
  5. In Cosmology: He is the paragon of beauty.
  6. In Theology: He is the baptizer.
  7. In Sociology: He is the love of God and comforter.
  8. In Medicine: He is the greatest Physician.
  9. In Architecture: He blinds the scientist by creating the world in a confusing manner.
  10. In Mathematics: He proved that 1+1+1=1 i.e. God the father, God the son and the Holy Spirit as one.
  11. In Physics: He disapproved the law of gravity by ascending into heaven; he also disapproved law of flotation by walking on the sea.
  12. In Chemistry: He changed water into wine without any chemical reaction.
  13. In Geography: He created the world in six days without bricks or stone.
  14. In Economics: He disapproved the law of scarcity by feeding 5000 men with 5 loaves and 2 fishes.
  15. In Agriculture: He employed men to be fishers of men.
  16. In Management: He is the overall manager.
  17. In English: He is the word of life.
  18. In Government: He is the prince of peace.
  19. In Banking: He is the bankers bank.
  20. In Livestock: He is the called the chief shepherd.
  21. In Civil Engineering: He is called the corner stone.*In Philosophy: He is the wisdom of God.
  22. In Philosophy: He is the wisdom of God.
    Sinners call him the deliverer
    Travelers call him the way
    Electricians call him the light of the world
    Carpenters call him the door
    Surveyors call him the plan of God
    Journalist call him the truth
    Teachers call him the master…And you who do you say he is?

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