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Technology has taken all over the world now and internet is one place everyone wants to have a presence. Businesses now require an online presence, cooperate organization too and also all major industries are online. The data market is going nowhere as secondary school student burn data always, under graduate are online doing research, graduated are online looking for employments, workers are online reading trends, gossip or looking for greener pasture. Some are just online to chat, most to watch pictures and stream videos, live movies and others to tweet or blog or just browse. Everybody with a smart phone is your potential customer so your benefit are enormous once you follow the step in this eBook and put it to good use. Nine out of every Ten Nigerian has multiple social media accounts meaning they often come online almost every day at least on one of all the social media they belong, to read stories, entertainments gossip, check for job availability and trending news, chat or promote their business which they will all need data to stay connected and that’s where you come in as a data bundle seller.

Reselling data in bit and piece to end users after buying from network providers in bulk while you make your profit from the magnitude of sales you are able to do in a day or a month. Have you not wondered while even with the fact that most persons recharge their phones from bank account nowadays, those selling recharge card at the road side are still in business making money, day in day out they are always by the road side selling. If there was no gain or profit in it will they still be there? So, also data business is very much reliable because as much as the number of people who buy data from their banks directly are, so are those who cannot afford to do that. There is market for selling data business especially with the rate that people make use of different social media platforms, more money is spent on data nowadays then recharge cards. Have you not had these experience when a friend calls you for 30 seconds and all he/she says is “come online lets chat” can you now see that data selling is going nowhere any time soon so long as internet remains data business will still be rocking irrespective of the number of people doing the business. The sweetest part of this business is that you can start anytime, anywhere and any position and with even no capital (reselling for other data dealers and getting commission) before you raise capital or continue with the dealer services if satisfactory to you.

>Check out how (Internet Data Bundles Nig.) transact it data reselling<<

The Beginners HandBook A-Z On Data Bundles Business

(Make Up to N100,000 or More Monthly with Your Phone)


  • Introduction
  • Starting Internet Data Bundles biz
  • Items to consider
  • MTN SME Data Bundles
  • What is MTN SME Data Share, Before I purchase & share
  • How do I share data with a beneficiary, FAQ etc.
  • Glo Gifting Bundles
  • Four(4) ways to share data on Glo
  • Airtel Gifting Bundles
  • Easiest way to sell data on Airtel network
  • 9mobile Data Bundles
  • Allocating data on 9mobile
  • Advantages and disadvantages of 9mobile data sharing
  • Data Bundles sellers guide and hint
  • Major challenges in data business and how to tackle them
  • Price and Profits
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Why you should start selling data now
  • Other online businesses you can also venture into

Purchase this eBook to get started with almost zero capital

Pay the sum of ₦25,000 to any of the account details below and get A-Z secrets about the business:

ACCOUNT NAME: Japheth Jasper

GT-Bank.: 0150749977

Zenith-Bank.: 2085403813

Diamond-Bank.: 0707074959

After a direct bank deposit or transfer of the cash/fund either via ATM/Mobile Banking to any of the provided banking details, simply send us just the Account name/ depositor’s name alongside the email address we should send the copy. example: (Ebook payment made by Funmi Chinedu, email Send these to the contact below.

SMS/WhatsApp: +2347030100181


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Another Ebook also available for Data dealers who are already in the business at a giveaway price, WhatsApp for inquiries on N.L.A eBook.



– Introduction
– How to Secure Yourself from Wipe/Ebola Airtime
– How to Get Airtime/slot between the Rates of 80-85% (8000-8500 for 10,000.00 airtime/slot)
– Contact a Legitimate Mega Airtime Dealer
– You Can Get MTN, AIRTEL, GLO and 9MOBILE VTU Airtime.
– You Can Request For The Physical Card Pin.
– You Can Request for VTU To Be Funded Into your VTU Wallet so You can Resell As VTU Recharge
– Become An Airtime Dealer
– Hint on OneCard And VTU Bonus

Above Ebook also available for Data dealers who are already in the business at a giveaway price, WhatsApp for inquiries on N.L.A eBook. +2347030100181

(Check out how (Internet Data Bundles Nig.) transact)

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