This is a question which haunts almost all young guy that how can they ensure that the girl whom they love responds to their feelings and falls in love with them. There are a few important things you
need to keep in mind if you are really interested in making a girl fall in love with you. Try to add the
romance element to all you dates you go out on with your girlfriend. Have your own unique way of
saying and doing things. Girls generally prefer guys who do things in a sensible yet unique way.
An important aspect of impressing a girl you are interested in is to try to be friends with her and understanding her completely in everything, be it
her feelings, likes, dislikes etc. We need to understand that girls like any other human beings love to be loved, adore to be adored and also like if
someone cares for their liking and disliking.
The first step to win the heart of a girl you love is FRIENDSHIP. Remember a good friendship is helpful to know each other better and enhance the trust levels. Trust and faith in each other is vital for any
If you ask any girl they will agree that they always long to have a shoulder they can lean upon and a
friend they can turn to in the hour of crisis. Always try to be helpful and supportive in every little way you possibly can
If she has lost hope or is disappointed you should be the first person to try and lift her spirits and help her restore hope back in life. This will give her the belief that you are a vital part of her life as you bring out the best in her.
Apart from being supportive in her bad times you also need to be with her in all her good times. You need to make her feel special because she is
your friend and she should also be made aware that is a special friend more than anyone else. Girls like to be complimented and try to compliment her for her being such a wonderful friend for you. Appreciate her for her company and for everything else she has done for you.
In your daily conversations with her try to discuss with her your dreams, your life and almost everything else about you. Tell her how you always think about her and that it is almost impossible to
get her thoughts off your mind. This will have a deep impact on her and will literally sweep her off
her feet. This will help you make that special place for yourself in her heart.
Always try to be creative and innovative to ensure
that the girl stays interested in you for a long time. New things which are different and almost unheard
of tend to excite a girl and this helps you to keep her interested.
You also need to ensure that you call her almost everyday. If it is not possible for both of you to meet up for some days or may be even weeks a
simple phone call can go a long way in making things pleasant for both of you. No matter how
many dates you have taken her on never forget to drop her home. Always drop her home with a gentle handshake, hug or wish her good night. This will be a testimony as to how good a gentleman are
you and this will further improve your image in her heart for you.
It is true that you want her in your life but may be sometimes it is wise to play the waiting game. It is good to make her feel important and loved but at times you should also try to make her realize that
sometimes it is even difficult to get the men you love. You should make her realize that when she
feels a bit sad, little sick or bored it is because she is missing you. Love is a wonderful feeling which is only strengthened by true and honest feelings and communications. When you
find that she is almost madly in love with you declare your true love and commitment for her. This will do wonders for your relationship and make it strong and sustainable in
the long run. You need to make her realize her that you’ll always be there for her, to listen and to hold
her hand, and that you’ll always do your best to make her happy, and feel loved.
One last thing to remember is that patience key which will unlock the door to her heart. Patience and self-control exhibited by you will only enhance your
chances of winning her heart.
I would like to convey all my good wishes to all of you. May you meet the girl of your dream very soon and make her fall in love with you and make
her the most happiest girl with you love and
admiration. If you can endure and do all these then I assure you true love, a 99% long lasting happy relationship with your girl. . .


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