I believe in old-fashioned relationships. I believe that guys should take the initiative move and ask the girl out. I also believe in commitment and gender roles in the relationship; the men providing lead and protection while the women follow. Yeah I know generations have passed and things have changed since then and many would think that this idea is sexist. But in my interpretation, women and men have endless differences and no matter how much of a feminist you are, you must recognize that men and women are built differently. Ironically though, that’s the beauty of love; having two contrasting objects fit together in a warm and appeased harmony. I believe in moving slowly (there’s no need to rush) and building a foundation with the one you want to be with. I don’t like how in today’s relationship, people are dating as soon as someone says they like you. What happened to the get-to-know-each- other process? Don’t be with someone just because it seems right at the moment but be with them because you truly believe that it would work out in the long run. I like long relationships and I do not believe in hook-ups. I don’t know how many people would agree with me but this is the way I think.

Love ♥  is the greatest. . .

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