Love your lover like Romeo. Fight for her like Spartacus. Rescue her like Michael Scofield. Protect her like Jack Bauer. Don’t cheat on her like Tiger
woods. Never beat her like Chris Brown. Splash money on her like Manchester City. Don’t be stingy like Arsenal. Win trophies for her like Man United. Boast about her like Chelsea. Have confidence in her like Barcelona. Don’t disappoint her like Liverpool. Don’t promise her things you cant fulfil like PDP. Don’t keep her in darkness like PHCN. Don’t be 2nd in her
life like bayern munich. Never relent afta getting her like real madrid. Don’t cause her pain like Boko Haram. Don’t go to convention for her like Jonhatan. Never think you can control her forever like Gadafi. Win gold for her like Usain Bolt. Impress her well like crixus *wink* be funny. Be as wise as king Solomon. Don’t sell evrything you have for her like Ac millan. Never tink of her status like Arthur “Merlin”. Always try to make her happy like JAPHETH JASPER. Don’t change your girl friend like chealsea. But don’t act Foolishly like Akpors..lolz. .

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