Mentally challenged couple unhappy sex was interrupted

Residents of an Abia state community reportedly interrupted a mentally challenged couple while they were having sex.

While trying to have sex, a pair of mentally challenged couple, a male and female, experienced some disturbances from residents in a community.

A mentally challenged couple did not wear a happy look after they were interrupted in the process of having sex in Abia State.

The pair who were looking to get action at an uncompleted building in a residential community were sent out of the structure by folks living in the area. This incident was reported on Wednesday, February 7, 2018.

In a picture, the male partner who wore a dreaded hair was seen with his hands akimbo, suggesting a dissatisfaction over the interruption. His lover could not hide the displeasure she felt having the ‘lights put out before dinner’.

Are mentally challenged people getting enough care in Nigeria?

It is however not a cause for humour the neglect that has welcomed numerous examples of individuals who have fell off the sanity trail.

Just like the Abia pair, many have been seen roaming the streets with no hope of repair. This explains the value attached to providing quality and affordable health care in Nigeria, a country battling security challenges with poor governance.

Mental health is an issue that is pulling up the rear at the corridor of national issues. The country is asleep while its citizens wake up to nurturing suicidal thoughts. The economic failures of their government has become extremely prominent.

In the year 2016, Dunamis Bibiana Beryl, a young lady on Facebook  took to the social media platform asking to be consoled.

She received the attention of the public who encouraged her to maintain strength along with some kind words.

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