Nigerian man suffers heart attack, dies while escaping from Indonesian immigration officers

Obinna who was evading the Indonesian immigration officers, took shelter at his friend’s residence where he died.

In Indonesia, a Nigerian male citizen, Obinna, suffered a heart attack which led to his death while attempting to escape a raid carried out by immigration officers  in the country.

He reportedly sought shelter at the residence of a friend where he passed away while lying on a rocker. The Linda Ikeji’s blog stated that the officials found him dead after forcefully breaking into the apartment where he was hiding.

The immigration officers in Indonesia forced open the apartment where he was hiding to find him dead.
While escaping from Indonesian immigration officers, Nigerian man suffers heart attack and dies (LIB)

A picture of the deceased showed him in a reclined position with a cloth covering his whole length. His body has been deposited at a morgue according to reports.

Nigerians are leaving their country

In search of brighter opportunities, some Nigerians who got tired of hoping for a positive change in their country have turned to any country beyond the shores of Africa.

While the United States of America and the continent of Europe remains a favourite destination, other Asian countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia have become popular choices.

Most Nigerian citizens visit these nations with no particular reason but hope to find odd jobs in order to sustain themselves. As an alternative, many have taken to drug trafficking which has fetched some the capital punishment.

Recently, a group of Nigerians were flown from Libya back to their country following reports of human trafficking that saw the deaths of the Nigerian nationals.

African migrants on dingy boats trying to cross to Europe.African migrants on dingy boats trying to cross to Europe.

In the midst of this, a global attention was brought to the reported slavery in Libya.

World celebrities including those in Nigeria lend their voices to the social crisis which once again brought up a discussion concerning the ill-treatment experienced by the black race.

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