You no longer have to visit PHCN office to pay electricity bill, pay you bill with Shumti Services its that simple and convenient anytime any day.

What are prepaid electricity meter codes? These meter codes are simple devices that help the customers to regulate their consumption of energy. They should be recharged whenever your energy is used up. It’s one of the innovations provided by the privatization of the electricity sector in Nigeria!

The prepaid electricity meter codes use a 20-digit PIN to recharge the balance.


ACCOUNT NAME: Shumti~Services
GT-Bank: 0473264580

  1. Make payment to our account for your desired units.
  2. Sender’s account name & amount paid.
    2ii. Prepaid Meter number
    2iii. Prepaid Meter Address/Location/State
  3. Name registered with the meter for confirmation purposes (optional)

NOTE: Transaction/convenient fee of N150 attracts to the amount you paying for example: 
= Joy John paid ₦2,150
= 2310027***
= Lagos
= Abdullahi Mohammed(optional)
Ones these details are send to us via SMS or our WhatsApp platform
A 20 digits activation codes/Units will be sent to you afterwards then you proceed with the recharge process.

You will need to get to your UI Keyboard. On the LCD screen enter the 20 digits PIN.

If the code that you enter into the screen is correct, then you will get the message “Accept.” If the code is entered incorrectly, then you will get the message “Reject.”
How can you check the meter number? You just need to press 65 and the blue button. The number of your meter consists of 11 digits. Is it possible to check your power balance? Of course, you just need to type 07 using the keypad. After that, just press the blue button.

Shumti Services, services with a smile
Our office: No.10 Ahmadu Bello Way, Opp post office Jos.

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