For years TRACE SOUND EMPIRE (TSE) has been the the backbone of music in B.L, there are artist like STREAKMODE, CLAIN SNOW, 96 WENNY, DRA, but you can’t underestimate what TSE has achieve as group. to have a better understanding, of this article I have to take you back to 2017 and 2018, they are a magnificent group but as individual, their work rate is poor, with the number of artist under TSE at least, 15 singles should be dropping yearly not unless if my redder is malfunctioning, they haven’t drop double digit of singles in a year before, I wonder what their excuse is but you can’t tell me the problem is their in-house producer LEMXY. He is as good as any producer in J-town and his work speak for itself, Skitter might have produce the beat, but LEMXY made ADELEKE by TIMZY MANI a hit, the hype surrounding ADELEKE was so massive and put TIMZY on a whole new level, if their producer is responsible for such an amazing production it makes me wonder what is wrong with TSE artists?


Last year LEXA-B dropped tracks that were not produce by TSE in house producer LEMXY and guess what? None of which clicked or hit the height of years passed, does she has a problem with LEMXY? Are there issues behind the scene? Why go out screaming that you are hungry when you have food in your house? Over the years.


SLIMBLAZE have been proving why he is TSE biggest act, an artist who will like to remain anonymous believes that if u take away SLIM, TSE will crumble under dead weight, whether or not that is true, it is still left unseen but with singles like ZAWO, KILLER were he featured LEXA-B, it is hard to argue with that assessment, his recent single TWERK it goes a long way to stake the claim that SLIMBLAZE is TSE.


RED ROOT have been making serious move this year, GAME OVER has already dropped, and CLAIM will be hitting the street soon, it does not stopped there, his moves are not only musically, being the CEO means one of his eye has to be on taking the LABEL forward and recent news hitting me is that he is planning to “clean house” get rid of the artists that are not bringing anything to table, am still wondering which artist will make the cut, but am sure there will be a few surprises. The plan to bring in new artist is a perfect one and I hope the CEO get it right because TSE can’t afford to get anything wrong again, personally I will like to see LEMXY work with a serious singer, what do you think?


The saying “one man island” best describe JACKz, am all for being flexible and exploring but he needs to focus, locate his bearing since his debut album RACHIE BABY big things were expected of him, but so far he is yet to back that up, with the exception of KABAN CLAN listening from way back JACKz dropped BL first none gospel album, it was half decent and very encouraging when you consider the BARX dropped in the album, the only problem was the after mart and the fact that we were supposed to buy it on C. D. even if it is late for JACKZ and TSE, it is not late for JACKZ, he just have to make a few right move.


Before joining the Nigeria army FOM-P and RED-ROOT were crew partner and amazing things was happening personally, for me I don’t think giving up music for Nigeria army can ever be worth it, but leaving was a massive advantage for TSE, his contribution behind the scene have been nothing short of extraordinary, RED-ROOT have been a solo act since FOM-P walkaway, so the question is, is this the end of their partnership?


Once upon a time RKB left TSE, story story he is back, if the management decide to let him go, will that episode count against him? Considering RED-ROOT is about to drop his second of the year Single and SLIMBLAZE already hit us with TWERK IT, its been a very mute year for the self-proclaim softboi and leave’s one to wonder if there are problem behind the scene, but if single like Journey to Eko proves any thing, is that RKB shouldn’t be written off yet but that is left for TSE management to decide…

N. B: this content is own by ill-fingers and no part of it should be reproduce or print for economic gain without permission, approval from the owner, pls only share.

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