Trick On How To Increase Your Computer RAM

Beside using Physical RAM available in your computer, software programs also use Virtual RAM. If you increase Virtual RAM of your computer then most probably the speed of your computer will also increase.

Follow the Given Steps to increase virtual RAM :-

For Windows 7,8 & 10 users:

1. Open ‘Properties’ of My Computer

2. Under the ‘System’ Window, click on ‘Advanced system settings’ from left panel.

3. In the ‘System Properties’, under ‘Performance’ section click on ‘Settings…’

4. Now move to ‘Advance’ tab, under ‘Virtual memory’ section click on ‘Change’

5. Uncheck ‘Automatically manage paging file size for all drives’ option Rest follow the same steps of Windows XP, below.

That’s it.

Once you save the settings, restart your PC. After restarting the PC you will immediately feel the difference in the speed.

For Windows XP users :

1. Goto ‘Properties’ of My Computer

2. Click on ‘Advance’ Tab

3. Under ‘Performance’ section click on ‘Settings’ button

4. Now Move to ‘Advance’ Tab

5. Under ‘Virtual memory’ Section click on “Change” button

6. Now Select Drive “C” .

7. Select Option “Custom Size”

8. Set Initial Size (MB) to 5000 for 5GB 2000 for 2GB or Whatever suitable for you. We will recommend you to keep at least 2000

9. Set Maximum Size to 5000 for 5GB, this means 5GB of Local Disk C will be used as Virtual Memory. Better keep it as High as You can afford.

10. Click on “Set” Button

11. Perform this with all other Drives also

12. Click on “OK” Button

13. Again Click on “OK” Button

14. Again Click on “OK” Button That’s it.


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