UPDATE – Trace Sound Empire MG (TSE)


Hard work always pays is MIC REP (DRA).

Finally getting under the umbrella of Trace Sound Empire (MG), it’s one of those things that was a question of when? even though I don’t know the details of the deal the trashed out, it is something that will benefit both parties, because personally, I know how MIC REP ( DRA) worked hard to get to where he is now, and it’s an opportunity for the rest of the world to know how good and talented he is.

Few have already know how good MIC REP is. Up till now, the artist is yet to blog a song, but I am sure that is about to change. Any artist who is half as good as MIC REP ( DRA) will definitely possess his pride and won’t take shit from anybody.

Personally, for me, he is on the same level as the likes of BOC and CLASSIQ, the only thing that has been lacking is the promotion, which with TSE management behind him, I hope he reaches the level I know he deserves and had worked for.

P.S anticipate his new single dropping real soon.

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