If you kiss her, you are not a gentleman and if you don’t, you are not a man.
If you praise her, she thinks you are flattering her and if you don’t, you are a good for nothing.
If you agree with her, you are a winp and if you don’t, you do not understand.
If you visit her often, you are boring and if you don’t, you are double crossing.
If you are well dressed, you are a play boy and if you don’t, you are dull.
If you are jealous, she says it is bad and if you are not, you don’t love her.
If you are a second late, it is too hard to wait and if she is late, it is girl’s way.
If you stare at another woman, it is disregards and if another man stares at her, they are only admiring.
If you kiss her once in a while, you are cold and if you kiss her often, you are taking advantage.
If she talks, she wants you to listen and if you listen, she wants you to talk.
God created the creatures called woman. So simple, yet complex. So weak, yet powerful. So confusing, yet desirable. So damning, yet so wonderful.
One thing about them is that nobody can be like them. So girls what or how do you want us to behave if you choose to be so complex???

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